DIY Wall Timeline Tutorial

Nov 7, 2012 | Posted by in History, Our Homeschool | 1

A long while back I wrote about wanting to create some sort of masterpiece of a timeline to hang on my  dining room wall. I promised to update with pictures when I’d done so, but I just didn’t. The conversation has come up recently in a number of homeschooling circles, so I am finally sharingRead more …

Greeks and Zombies

Nov 13, 2011 | Posted by in History, Homeschool Science, Our Homeschool | 2

My kids have been up to some interesting stuff. Really interesting stuff. Like self designed experiments in which they come to the conclusion that the only way to kill a zombie is to crush his brain. Here is Henry with his cup of zombie brains. Helen’s experiment was about rotten eggs. Apparently if you leaveRead more …

Dreaming of Timelines

Aug 24, 2011 | Posted by in History, Our Homeschool | 2

One of the biggest “gaps” in my own education is in my understanding of history. It was never presented to me in a way that I could wrap my brain around. I still struggle with seeing the big picture. So I’ve become obsessed with creating a big picture of history. Literally. I want to makeRead more …