Our Homeschool Schedule: Lessons Learned

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We’ve been using our homeschool schedule now for about six weeks, and I want to highlight some of the things I’ve learned from the experience.¬†For the most part, it is working as I hoped – sometimes even better. Here are the tips I would share with anyone else trying to make a major change likeRead more …

Why you should consider a schedule for your homeschool


If you know me or have followed my blog at all, you know that I have always tended toward a relaxed, unschool-ish, laissez-faire approach to my kids’ education. You probably also know that I have flirted with curriculum on and off, and that part of me has always longed for a more predictable routine and,Read more …


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Guess it’s been awhile since I’ve blogged. As this post title would indicate, I’ve been quite busy nesting. I actually feel like I’ve been nesting this entire pregnancy. I’ve rearranged and organized the entire house. I’ve put little systems in place that make it possible for me to get my housework done – at leastRead more …